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We strive to provide you with reliable characterization results quickly. A report will be sent by e-mail and/or regular mail (if requested) within 2–3 working days after receiving your sample(s). If you would like the sample(s) to be returned after analysis, please advise promptly. Please Note : original and return shipping charges remain the customer's responsibility. To get a Quotation for Services, please fill the form below.


Size Exclusion Chromatography (SEC)/Gel Permeation Chromatography (GPC)

Determination of molecular weight and polydispersity index of polymers.

Instruments :

-- Viskotek TDA 305 with triple detector array (light scattering, RI, viscometer)

-- Viskotek 270 with triple detector array (light scattering, RI, viscometer)

-- Varian ProStar 330 (with RI and PDA detectors)

-- Varian ProStar 310 (with RI and UV-vis detectors from Varian and dual detector [light scattering and viscometer] from Viskotek)

Solvents :

-- THF

-- DMF

Quantity of sample required :

-- 200–300 mg

Price :

-- 250 USD/sample in THF

-- 400 USD/sample in DMF

Proton (1H) and Deuterium (2H) NMR Analysis

Determination of :

-- structure conformity

-- purity of material

-- molecular weight

-- degree of functionality (end group and/or backbone)

-- composition of random/alternating and block copolymers

-- degree of deuteration in deuterated and/or partially deuterated products


-- Bruker Avance-III 500 MHz spectrometer

Solvents :

-- Chloroform-d (CDCl3)

-- Dimethylsulfoxide-d6 (DMSO-d6)

-- N,N-Dimethylformamide-d7 (DMF-d7)

-- Deuterium oxide (D2O)

-- Acetone-d6

-- Methanol-d4 (CD3OD)

-- Trifluoroacetic acid-d (TFA-d)

Quantity of sample required :

-- 50–100 mg

Price :

-- 50 USD/sample in (CDCl3), (D2O), and for deuterium NMR (any solvent)

-- 100 USD/sample in DMSO-d6, Acetone-d6, Methanol-d4, trifluoroacetic acid-d

-- 150 USD/sample in DMF-d7

Thermal Analysis: Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC)

Determination of phase transitions:

-- glass transition temperature(s) (Tg)

-- melting point (Tm)

-- liquid-crystalline phase transitions


-- TA Instruments DSC Q100

Effective temperature range :

-- between -60° and +300°C

Quantity of sample required :

-- 50–100 mg

Price :

-- 50 USD/sample

-- 225 USD / 5 samples

Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FT-IR)

Determination of chemical structure by identification of organic compounds.


-- Nicolet Avatar 330 FT-IR spectrometer (Thermo)

-- Spectrum Two (Perkin Elmer)

Analysis can be performed:

-- in solution using KBr cell

-- in a film using KBr pellet / sandwich

Quantity of sample required:

-- 50–100 mg


-- 35 USD/sample

Rheological Testing

Measurement of the rheological properties of material:

-- viscosity

-- elastic and viscous moduli (G’ and G’’)

-- yield stress


-- TA Instruments AR-2000ex Rheometer

Effective temperature range

-- between 0° and +150°.C.

Measuring systems – Geometry:

-- parallel plate (0°)

-- cone and plate (2°)

-- concentric cylinder and DIN rotor geometry

Quantity of sample required:

-- for solid material: 5–10 g

-- for liquid samples: min. 20 mL


-- Prices vary (please, send an inquiry specifying the tests needed to get the price quote)


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