Mission, Vision and Values

With over 25 years of success in tailor-made polymers business, Polymer Source occupies a leading position in providing high-quality research grade polymers. With the main emphasis on innovation and development of elegant methodologies towards both simple and complex macro-molecular architectures, we successfully fulfill the immensely important task of supplying polymer products to research and development community in both academia and industry. These allowed our products to be cited in over 3000 peer-reviewed research articles and patents in the field of chemistry, physics, technology of materials, and nanoscience.


Polymer Source Inc. was founded in 1993 to supply research grade polymers to a global scientific community. In 2002, Polymer Source moved to a new building in Greater Montreal area (Dorval, Province of Quebec, Canada) that was constructed by its individual plan. The present facility includes a large chemical laboratory, four analytic rooms, chemical warehouse; and we are now setting a clean room to meet specific client needs. In 2012, the company implemented ISO 9001 Quality Management System and documented standard operating procedures (SOPs) to comply with international regulations. Nowadays, Polymer Source products are available throughout the world via international distributors in Japan, China, Korea, India, and Great Britain.

Research and Development

Success of Polymer Source is based on strong R&D strategy for innovation and developing novel products and customized services. Our scientific team members, who have Doctorate and/or Master’s degrees in Chemistry and interdisciplinary research experiences, focus on searching elegant processes for fabrication of new polymers with well-defined chemical architectures and specific material properties to support research projects around the world.